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The Next Generation of Mineral Management Software

Made by Mineral Managers...for Mineral Managers

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Manage all of your mineral interests

in one easy-to-use platform!

Ease of Use

Our easy platform allows users to quickly upload, create and manage their tracts, contracts, division orders and properties. Users can manage multiple mineral owners from one platform. 

Cloud Platform

All data is stored on our secure cloud platform, allowing users to log in from any location and manage their minerals on the go. 

Administrators can add user capabilities to allow others to have management or read-only access.

Modern Architecture

With our modern flexible architecture, you can store, connect, and reference your mineral and royalty interests from any platform at any time.

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About Us!

As mineral owners and mineral managers, we wanted to create an easy-to-use, affordable, intuitive platform to manage mineral and royalty interests. is designed for mineral owners and mineral managers to help keep track of all your interests. We have been in your shoes before, and we know your pain!


Tie all your Tracts, Wells, Properties, and Contracts together so you won't have to go digging through your files again! 

Three plans to fit your needs

Choose the pricing below that best fits your ownership.

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Bronze Star


1 Owner, 3 Users, Up to 50 Properties

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Silver Spur


3 Owners, 10 Users, Up to 200 Properties

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Gold Buckle


Unlimited Owners, Users, and Properties

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Bulk Upload, Create, and Edit

Quickly and easily upload all your tract, well, property, and contract information through excel templates to create new entities

Manage Multiple Owners

If you manage more than one mineral or royalty owner, easily toggle between different owners, or view all of them at the same time! 

Tie Records Together

You won't have to dig through your files to figure out which wells relate to certain tracts, or which leases tie to certain wells. MineralBox allows you to tie everything together for easy reference!

Division Order Manager

With the Division Order Manager, you can keep track of each division order as you move through the approval process. Track unapproved Division Orders and send to other users for approval once ready for signature! 

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